Who are we

Hubl is the ultimate ‘last green mile’ logistics fulfilment system.

It focuses on providing a superior delivery service to inner city householders and businesses, way beyond what is currently available.


With a vision of driving the world of delivery to a brighter future, Hubl aims that every major city in the UK (and eventually worldwide) will use its ‘last green mile’ premium delivery system to create a customer-focused, timed delivery service while significantly reducing inner city pollution, congestion and road damage.

By ‘last mile’ we mean the supply chain management and transportation planning to deliver goods from a transportation hub on the outskirts of a city to a destination of the home or business of an inner-city customer on a timed basis via a custom mobile app.

By ‘green’ we tend to imply the use of advanced last-mile logistics and multi-modal delivery vehicles to effectively help minimise congestion, carbon emissions, air and noise pollution in the city.

We are an environmentally-friendly last mile logistics network that combines best practices freight consolidation and delivery to collection points with low emissions vehicles. Hubl’s network will provide a high level of service to both B2C and B2B markets.

We use an intelligent network of electric vehicles and cargo cycles and 24-hour collection points (including locker boxes and over‐the-counter collection points) to:

  • Improve delivery services to consumers.
  • Offer a range of value-added services to retailers.
  • Cut delivery costs to carriers.
  • Reduce congestion and pollution in cities.